Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To ring or not to ring, that is not the question

The question is, "What is more important to you; your wedding or your marriage?" I personally have no problem spending money on everything. If i could do it, i would. I would really like a nice diamond ring.

However, i do think i need to think carefully about where all the money goes, because what i spend on what what i don't spend on, reflects on what my priorities are. Let's say, for example, if i spend RM2000 on my wedding dress, that means i would have less for my future house and my poor fiancee and i would have to cut expenses everywhere else to afford it. Now i'm not advocating being a superbudget bride, because although it has some benefits, there is meaning to creating a beautiful day with the best services so everything runs smoothly and you don't have to worry about a bit. What i am advocating is that a God-pleasing wedding and marriage is one that doesn't overshadow the beautiful Gospel in Christ's love for his church. And however that translates into your wedding day, it really matters how much money you spend and how you spend it.

So, do i have an engagement ring? No, i don't.
As you can see, no pictures of my silly grinning face and the big shiny rock on my finger.

I am getting a wedding ring though.We went on a ring hunt recently, visited near 7 jewellers in one evening! Unfortunately, the design we want is either impossible to do, or way too expensive to do. I found this Malaysian lady who does custom designs and it looks almost like what we want, so we're gonna give her a call and see how that goes.

And all these ring things made me wonder, how important is a ring to a marriage?


  1. oooh...good one! an outward sign but doesn't have weight on whats inside.

  2. yeah, like baptism is a proclamation of faith in Jesus, so the ring is a sign of the vow and covenant you make to each other.