Friday, February 19, 2010

Lima puluh hari lagi

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There are so many things yet to be done and it's only 50 days more. I hope to finish my dress drafts this weekend so i can start on the real thing first week of March. We didn't start our marriage prep as planned last week, but we are doing the first one this Friday. We did however did this personality slash relationship assessment questionnaire which ended up quite weird. One thing to improve : definitely communication. And i think the questionnaire helped us identify areas we need to talk about or watch out for.

There's also the looming deadline for the house. We hope to move in as soon as we can to fix up the place, but i think that might be difficult. *stay positive!* Right now, it's just fun going shopping together for things we'll need for the house. It makes it almost real, like we're sooo close! It is a slight reality check too, cos things seem to be so expensive and we have to watch everything we spend on. I'm a regular old coupon cutter now, but i guess that's just the natural thing to do in spending our money wisely.

I can't believe we've reached the 50 day mark! FIFTY DAYS! That's crazy short! I just can't wait! Anticipation excitement nervousness all building up now!

We've also done our ceremony program. Well, almost done. But no reveals here, you'll just have to come and attend the ceremony to see what's gonna happen =P


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