Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sixty-saith diwrnod...

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and much has been accomplished, thanks to all the lovely people who turned up yesterday to help make my invitations. Curse ye the bride who wants ribbons on her invitations =P well, i was only expecting to make 150. It just blew out of proportion to 460, and that's not my fault! Don't blame the bride *grins*.

Anyway, still remaining is another 462 invitations to be cut, 110 ribbons to be tied, and 460 envelopes to be embellished. Yay! I'll have to do little by little every night just to make the deadline for Chinese New Year.


Other than these annoying invites, we recently started a new series in church on Deuteronomy. It's interesting the fact that now i can actually see better the light of the great Gospel of Jesus Christ from the viewpoint of the Old Testament. It's pretty scary to know that the Holy God of the OT, is the same God in the New Testament, cos He really takes sin seriously. Obedience is necessary, because He is the One God, the Only God, there is no other. He is the one who has released us from slavery and made us His own treasured possession, from aliens and rebels to be His sons and daughters. Thank the Lord Almighty for Jesus, cos i don't think i could ever, EVER be holy on my own.


Adrian, i like it when you comment!


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