Monday, February 01, 2010

soixante-huit jours...

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I have bought all the cards i need to make my wedding invitations, after frequenting 5 different branches of Popular bookstore (i swear, i'm never going back there again) and Jusco. I have tried printing it with my laser printer but unfortunately it's not taking the textured paper too well. So i'm gonna try the trusty old inkjet in Adrian's house. I so need to get it all printed out so we can cut it at the DIY party! I saved a lot of money by doing it this long and lengthy way. Sigh, i hesitate to spend so much on cards that people will throw away after the wedding is done (except for freaks like me who will keep the ones she likes).

I've taken my sewing machine out of the box. That's as far as the progress goes on the wedding gown, hahaha.


Tonight is the night of my DIY party! I think i'll have to go two rounds, cos i didn't manage to print one out of two pieces. So only half the invites are sorta ready to be cut. But thankfully, i still have things for people to do, like tie and glue ribbons!

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  1. What u mean trusty old printer? It's young hip and cool ok. Heehee.