Monday, April 26, 2010

I learnt something over the weekend.

Hear, O Israel : The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.
Short and sweet, so packed with meaning but no one stops to take a second look. You think you know this verse? You don't. Cos if you know it, you'd be on your knees.

I learnt that there is no excuse for sin. Ever. It is the only reason why we sometimes think that the Old Testament doesn't apply to us anymore, or that the God in the Old Testament is so judgmental, preferring the loving God in the New. We excuse ourselves as ignorant or not capable of understanding, when we are only lazy, stupid or just wanting to keep on in our sin.

Or whatabout the rest of us, who say we love this LORD and yet... fall short of the subsequent response or actions that should come with our statements of gratitude, thankfulness, love... We talk and talk and talk, but do not make any effort in walking in His ways, cleaning up our act, and loving Him with our all. Much more than that, we laugh... at those who do try. At those who struggle and work at being the person they should be, someone who lives under God's rule, who worships the true God with all of his life. We just think they're stupid for even trying, cos no one can live up to that "perfect" kinda life. 'These requirements weren't made for humans, duh! Who do you think we are? God?!?! Jeez!' 

If you know this God... any bit at all... if you know any grace from Him, if you know what the Cross was and still is, if you know what kinda stupid ridiculous tom fool-of-a-took you are, you would at least try. And you should.


  1. Thanks Erin.. ever since u posted this, I've been reading it and true enough, we've been lazy. Now it just strikes my mind that, when it comes to God, there is no plan B.. there is no compromise. We gotta get out feet onto the ground and work for His glory. You're a person filled with the Holy Spirit.. May God always watch over you. ",)

  2. hmmm.... Erin, I Kinda agree with what you said. Somehow or so, we will feel that our "angry" parents are some what not-so-lovely at all. Yet, I think that's how God in the Old shows His love to His people. But yet, how many of us these days feel it at way as we always think that way? since we always believe that God has forgive us truely and yes, that will definately make us spiritual "unfit" if we did not try to be Christ-like :)

    By the way, may God bless you and your new family :D