Thursday, February 17, 2011

in the face of death

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Isaiah chapters 38-39 : Hezekiah the king is 39-40 years old, he's sick and he's dying. It's a pity to be so near death so young. God tells him to set his house in order or he will die. And Hezekiah is right when his response to that is to turn his face to the wall and pray to the God who holds all of life in his hands.

Its strange huh? In light of sickness or death, that's when man comes face to face with his Maker, knowing that none of it is in his own control, he can't heal himself, he can't make himself live on. It's sad then, that stubborn and rebellious man comes to that point, and does not repent. That is folly beyond all rescue. Like in the rest of Isaiah, turn to Him who has struck you... repent and live. It's only the most stupid of fools, who will not see the hand of God in all of life, who will not see that dying an unrepentant death will only lead to eternal judgment without ease.

I pray for the foolish, that they will not be wise in their own sight, but see God's wisdom, see God and turn to him. To believe in God who made, sustains and preserves every living thing on earth and not in the lies that our deceitful hearts tell us. There is no rest or ease in pain after death. There is only rest and peace in God.


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