Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Number 23 and number 4(again)

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I tried number 23 for a while. Growing a flower is not as easy as the three cacti i have right now, and the money plant that won't stop growing. It died. or is dying. But at least i tried. No pictures cos its not pretty hahaha. My next project is to propagate the cacti i have to make a vertical garden on my balcony.

In the midst of planning for number 4 : Go on holiday. yet again. Trying to squeeze a holiday in sometime soon. I think we both need a short getaway, me to gain creative inspiration, him to get some rest. Singapore? Terengganu? Taman Negara?

So far i'm enjoying getting through the list. Forces me to have some fun in between all the work. It's too easy to get obsessively absorbed into the creative work, it's like quicksand. Once you're absorbed you don't come out (for days). I'll be happily drawing and designing for hours without eating, while listening to glee music on youtube. Blah!!!


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