Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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i dropped my hard disk and now all the pictures i have of singapore and india are the ones on my blog right now. i'm a little beyond upset over that and every time i think of "oh that was like that time we did that in... oh...(peeved silence)" but i've gotten over it (mostly, i think). i did go in a pursuit of anything and everything that made me happy again for a while, which ended up in situations neither me nor adrian ever wanna be in again =P.

so now, i'm no longer on speaking terms with the laptop, which is what i believe to be the source of the problem in the first place (bar my actually dropping the disk) and i'm using the permanent desktop, whose hard disk is safe and sound, firmly planted on the table, never to drop. i hate hard disks.

makes me think about the permanence of things and God's providence and will. God will always be there, never like a hard disk where hard knocks will make keel over and die. He will never leave you, unless you are being a stubborn three letter word that means donkey who insists on being disobedient, unlike a hard disk where even if you are kind to it, it may fail you anyway. This all must have happened to teach me two things: first, that i need to trust God because He's the most trustworthy out of all the everything and anything in this world and probably out of this world too, and secondly, back up always, cos hard disks are not God, and you are not God.

There you go, lessons learnt. (in a very small voice) I would still like to imagine all my files being returned in pristine order. 


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