Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrating our 1st year

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we went over the waters for a short holiday. stayed at tune hotel in johor, commuted over every morning. i think we walked more than we have ever done, ended up with back pain, leg pain, everything lah. we didn't go to the typical universal studios. took the cable car ride to mount faber, walked to the henderson waves, which was awesome! saw the light and water show at marina bay sands, just stumbled upon it when the music started calling.

the zoo was really good! the best zoo ever! the animals looked healthy and had lots of room to run and they were all in open areas (not the wild/dangerous ones la), so things like the monkeys were free to swing from tree to tree without being caged. I thought that was so cool.

on the third day, we went on a bike ride all along changi beach coast. the wind in our faces was the best feeling after walking only as fast as our two legs can bring us in the melting heat for two days. we tried the international nasi lemak at Block 2 next to the bus terminal, which apparently is famous there. after lining up for about half an hour, it was only eh... we've had much better in malaysia.

another holiday to add to my favourite rest times, nothing will ever beat my honeymoon in Penang.


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