Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Give gifts (without going over budget)

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We all have friends and family that we want to give something to, be it for their birthday, wedding, any other special occasion or even just to say "Thanks!". But the problem is... not a lot of money to spend. So how?

Here's my roundup of 4 affordable (but still meaningful) things you can do/find:

1. Bookxcess
This bookstore offers new books for much cheaper than the normal bookstores. Something like FOS or Reject Shop for books. As far as my eye can see, nothing wrong with the books, so hey! All the better for us. They have loads of nice coffee table books, which of course are excellent for gifts. You can find something for most people there, lots of design books for those who love art, interior deco for the decorator, cookbooks for the housewives and cooking enthusiasts, all sorts lah. You'll be able to find a good enough book to gift for RM20-RM50. There are more expensive options too if you feel like spending but since this is about cheaper gifts, the RM20-50 range will suffice. (image from bookaxcess)

2. Bake a cake
Really. Effortsome, yes. Cheaper, yes. Yummy, hopefully. Meaningful, YES! Especially if you know what your receipient's favourite cake is. A normal sized round cake would probably cost you from RM15-RM30, a tea cake from RM10-20, depending on whether you get standard quality ingredients or high quality ones.

3. Plant something in a pretty pot.
I propagate plants quite often, so i usually have a few full jars of rooting plants that are just waiting to be planted into a pretty pot to be given away. This makes a good housewarming gift! Nice pots from IKEA start from RM5 and if you get cuttings from your own garden, it's free. Just tie a ribbon round the pot and voila! Or you can even plant it into unusual finds like cups or bowls.

4. Ingredients in a jar
If you're too lazy to make something yourself, then ingredients in a jar work just fine too. Put something like hot chocolate mix topped with mini marshmallows and choc chips into a pretty jar (if you like, glass ones work pretty well and IKEA is your friend for those) and tie it with ribbon. This idea is good for times where you want lots of small affordable gifts to give away, like at Christmas.
(all other images from pinterest)


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