Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still on the way to 25...

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only 6 things accomplished, and we're already halfway to 25. Have not found the gold glittery polish, but replaced with a silver glittery one. Baked the mug cakes for three occasions, once for adrian, once for my growth group and once for the year end christmas party we had at our home. Won a few contests last year, including starbucks drinks and movie tickets. Painted a mural, decided i didn't like the colors, so spray painted it gold. Got a photobook voucher from Adrian for christmas. Lastly, got deep red curtains for the living room.

Still in progress: Found two out of 6 animal figurines, one deer and one frog prince. Still working out the craft storage system, but things are getting more organized with help from Daiso. Taking better photos is easy with my new camera. The dining table is hidden under tablecloths. Still growing old with Adrian.


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