Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am not a fuzzy girl

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I don't know what to feel about flowers.

Because flowers die.

Sure, they're beautiful... but only for a few days.

Enjoy them while they last, but they aren't going to last long.

Doesn't anyone feel the outrage? Why shouldn't a beautiful thing like flowers last forever? They should stay this way so that everyone can appreciate its beauty and revel in its smell and just adore it.

But they don't. And we can't. Because God has decided to put eternity into our hearts so that we cannot find out what He is doing from beginning to end. All is a vanity, all will die.

These flowers will die.

So i will enjoy this gift from God (and my husband) while it lasts, but wasting not my efforts to further extend its life. A photo will suffice.


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