Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

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I liked this one, ignoring the violent disgusting bits of course. I like how the story revolves around a good value called self-control. Especially with anger (i can totally emphathize). Was pretty good overall, but there were bits i didn't like.

For one, Betty Ross was a bit too much of a bimbo. From the movie it's quite obvious how women just really don't know what they want: one moment, they're vulnerable things that need to be saved by the big macho guy and in the next, they're so into mothering (saving?) the vulnerable sweet but lost guy.

And another thing, i sometimes wish producers/directors won't push the romance/sexy bits overboard. The romance can happen naturally, you don't really need to emphasize the sex to show that they are into each other. And it's so awkward to watch. One minute, it's a tender and sweet moment and the next, they're jumping into each other's pants. I know it's a movie and there's a time constraint and sex scenes sell more, but there just really isn't any flow to that. It would have left a much nicer memory of the movie if they had stopped at the tender sweet moment (yes i know i'm repeating myself, but this is the best try to not reveal too much of the movie).

I liked it otherwise, there's the good stuff like self-control, protecting women, selflessness, which should be valued more in movies (and in everything else too) nowadays.


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