Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leaving God outside the door of your blog


The fact that so many Christians are so at ease with offensive blogposts is a growing concern for me. While i'm slowly starting to understand more about worship, it's interesting to note how we Christians feel about blogging. It's as though blogging is one segment of our life that has nothing to do with God. However, it is pretty clear from the Bible that we are called to more than just the usual blog nonsense.
"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Cor. 10:31)
This would mean that we need to seriously re-consider every inch and detail of what we write. Which also means your blog shouldn't be just a place where you say whatever you feel like saying, ranting and inciting unnecessary controversy. It is really hard for me to believe that people who blog so are truly Christians. It just doesn't add up. One minute, i'm seeing a Godly person, gladly serving in church and the next, i'm reading about the same person in a totally different (and not in a good way) light on his or her personal blog. I guess in the same way that reading someone's private journal would be totally telling of the person's true heart and beliefs, reading someone's blog would tell much about the heart as well.

So what should we do?
Well, i think for one, we as bloggers should retract/delete any unnecessary and hurtful blogposts and strive to write responsibly. Posts that cause unhealthy arguments or cause people to turn away from the truth. What if you really want to post something? If it's that important, i think it deserves a little extra time and thought to be written well.

What if you really want to vent your anger/frustration/other emotions? Number one: what would venting get you? Nowhere, doesn't solve your problems and it usually just makes you even more angry/frustrated/other emotions. Something that would help? Loving God and loving his people. Think about it. If you love God, it's natural to want to obey his commands. So why murder people in your mind? Also if you love God's people, i guess it'd serve others better if you'd discuss things personally in love. If you have issues with people, don't blog about it! Find a way to work it out with the person directly. I think blogging about it is a coward's way out.
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What if you think, "Well, it's my blog and i can write whatever i want on it. You don't have to read it. If you don't like it, go away"? Well sure, here comes the part addressed to criticism. I believe we learn the TRUTH so that we know and can make good judgements. And it's very important for Christians to be able to take criticism (even if you don't like it, like me) and consider it prayerfully. Don't just blow it off. Some person out there must care enough to say something so at least try to think about it objectively. I find that most of my own brush off reactions are usually caused by unwillingness to confront my own sin.

Continuing from that, for blog readers like me, (you might not necessarily blog yourself but read other people's blogs avidly) perhaps you should re-consider the blogs that you read. If they're not the most shining examples of good English (and by this i mean those containing &*% *@&$ *!&# and other expletives) and/or are filled with gossip and other things that don't edify you or anyone else, why DO you read them? Aha.

I'm definitely not one of the best writers around and i doubt i ever will be, but one thing i want to be : One who loves and serves the Lord in all that i do. Let's not leave God outside the door of blogging and blog-hopping. Let's all be committed to worshiping God with our everything, our hearts, souls, and minds (and fingers used for typing).

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  1. so encouraging! and sucha relevant reminder to us =) thank u!

  2. I think a lot of us, in trying to obtain "readership" of blogs, will tend to stay away from anything religious especially Christianity for fear of being tagged a "FUNDY".

    Then there are those who try way, way, way too hard to sound "important". It sometimes just ends up sounding bitchy and emo.

    My brain cells have all taken medical leave. So, the only thing left on my blog is fangirl-isms.

    Shallow minded... yep. Muah.

    Oooo... look shiny.

  3. well i guess sometimes we have to take some sort of stand. There's got to be a standard of quality la, we don't have to talk about religious thingamajiggies, we just have to live like Christians. Haha, don't worry, your blog is still "safer" than a lot of blogs i've seen. Whats shiny, i blur?