Monday, September 28, 2009

Shoes shoes shoes

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Did you know that some people believe you shouldn't wear open toed shoes in church?
Just some food for thought. I wonder what's the reasoning behind it...
Cos Jesus and all his friends wore sandals =P

Anyway, because of my love for comfort, i've decided not to go for heels, but wear sandals instead (besides, it gives me the nice comfortably shorter height when i stand next to my mister). So i'm looking for flats like these. In maybe green or gold, but i haven't been successful =(


The closest to anything like this is a couple of pairs i saw in the new Charles & Keith store in MV, but they weren't exactly what i was looking for and the cheapest i could find was RM80. Since i went over my dress budget, i actually think i shouldn't get a pair, but then my mum found this simple pair that's only RM29!

It's still very simple at this point, so i might embellish it to look something like the shoes above. Either sparklify it or flowerify it. But i'm going to leave that until after i finish my dress, cos goodness knows i definitely have been putting that off.

You like? You like?


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