Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying very hard

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I'm really trying so hard not to go over the tiny budget we have for the wedding. I have all these DIY projects planned and lots of hands-on family and friends gruntwork together which i hope will help our families and friends to get to know one another more before we're wed.

I REALLY don't want us to overspend and waste all that money on things that we'll only get to see and appreciate for ONE DAY! Which is why i'm not (yes, mom, read this!) getting any other dress, and i will not permit anyone to get one for me either. I only get to wear my wedding dress once, let me have the joy of wearing my hard-worked, handmade dress for the whole day (and if any, for all the dinners) at least. What's the use of it if i'm just gonna wear the most expensive dress i've ever owned (which i handmade no less) just ONCE, and even then not for the whole day, just 4 hours max?

And that's not the only thing. I'm struggling so hard to curb all the overspending! I've gone over (just slightly) the dress budget, which means i'd gone over the shoe budget and let's not mention goodness-knows how many other things i shall not mention here -.- So i'm really trying very hard to make sure there's as little waste as possible from this day. I plan to purchase things that i can reuse in my future home or has a lifetime usage of more than three times at least.

People, please work with me here? In supporting us, all these things are very important to us! Help me watch our budget! I'm excited; but wasting and overspending kills my buzz! And i know you're all excited too, let's just all keep focused. My life doesn't (shouldn't) stop on account of my wedding and i hope it doesn't take up too much of your time either. I would hate for my wedding to be distracting to anyone and i'd hate for anyone to spend too much money on my wedding. Please keep praying for me as i continue to struggle with this. And please don't tempt me too much too.

On a side note: The muslin for the top of my dress fits! Whee! Pictures soon to come...


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