Friday, April 02, 2010

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I find it unfair when people say we're crazy to do such a big thing, there's so much planning involved, and like next time they don't wanna get married cos of the whole big planning for the big wedding thing.

Number one : I didn't want the big wedding. I would have been happy with 40-150 people in a beautiful quaint little art gallery, with a tea party after and thats it. Really happy! Just in case you all didn't catch that : REALLY HAPPY!

Number two : Because of the big wedding that i now have, of course la have to do more invitations, more stuff all round. Is that my fault? I don't think so. Am i more stressed out? Of course i am. Does anyone really care? NO. Everyone just wants their own piece of happiness with a massive big wedding. I'm breaking out everywhere, my eczema has come back with full force, does anyone care? No.

Sigh. As long as my nearest and dearest and the church turns up to witness to my vows, to make promises to keep us walking in the ways of God and actually try and keep them, it's good enough for me. In a sense i just can't wait to be over this whole frankenwedding. It just goes to show what people's priorities are. all of whom would prefer me in rashes and stress rather than focusing on my vows and preparing for marriage together.

I'm tired of figuring out how to cover up the little cartoon characters in the hall, trying to figure out how to hang the fabric without it falling. Does anyone else wanna take a whack at it?


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