Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's the final countdown!

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Nine! Eee exciting nyer! Today the single digit countdown has commenced. Everything's mostly settled now... i say mostly cos there are still plenty of things to complete. I'm aiming for rest and relaxation at this point in time.

I'm happy to receive so many calls from people i don't normally get calls from. It's nice to catch up and share what's going on with the wedding and everything.

I'm randomly plonking down thoughts, cos i'm just stoked that it's only nine days now! I have to write everything down now, cos i keep forgetting everything!

On my to-do list today : Finalize all decorations and write it all down! One thing at a time, one thing at a time. I've bought so much white cloth, it's enough to mummify me. But i need to cover all the kiddie elements in the hall so when it's necessary... Did you like the little white milk jug i posted a couple of days ago? That's gonna be part of the decor in the hall. I'm gonna try my best to make the hall and tent appear garden tea party like. I am determined to make that happen because i am not getting my garden tea party for real so i'll make do, and there's no stopping me =P So i'm imagining garlands and flowers and a slight resemblance to the mad hatter's tea party.


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