Monday, June 20, 2011

i'm 24

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birthdays. always a bittersweet occasion. i only really officially achieved 11 things off my list. i moved in, threw a party, went on a couple of holidays, printed my favourite photos, read 3 classic novels, made a scrapbook, bought ugly betty and put up an inspiration board.
i tried documenting everything but you know, time and busyness catches up with you, which explains why i didn't blog about some of the things i did do.
i tried growing a flower but it died.
i tried to take a photo a day but it was too much work and the photos i did take disappeared with the great hard disk massacre.
i did share the gospel with someone.
i found several good restaurants in damansara, like the one we went to yesterday to celebrate my birthday, thanks to jeremy and melissa.
and i did make my kitchen cosier.
i could feel bad for not being successful in achieving all these things, but what's the use. it wasn't meant to be a do it all kind of list anyway, just some things that i'd like to have done but don't need to have done.

So what's next, twenty four? shall i or shall i not do another list?

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  1. even though its not exactly a list that looks like mine, i think this 24 list is very cute. like "postcard" and "make a stamp". very cute